Where do you ship to?
I ship from Canada to the world (With a few exceptions). All prices are in Canadian dollars, and shipping costs will be added: i've tried to keep these low, but if you want tracking and insurance, please let me know, as this will adjust the price higher. Please allow 2-6 weeks for shipping time, depending on where you are! (I've had products arrive in Spain after 5 days, yet take 2 weeks within my own country.) If you need a rush delivery, extra charges will of course apply. Please use a currency converter also (easy to find online) , if you are not sure what Canadian dollars are worth in *your* currency.

What if i paid too much for the shipping?
If you have purchased multiple pieces, and the total cost of shipping paid is higher than the actual cost, i will refund the difference, for anything over $1.00 . Conversely, if i haven’t charged enough for shipping (a rare circumstance, usually for art pieces, rather than threads or fabrics), i will not invoice you for more money unless it is more than $5 over what *you* paid.

What if i really like something, but can’t quite afford it all at once?
I am happy to invoice you with a payment plan, in smaller increments. This is only for larger ticket items like Art pieces. Art will be shipped when full amount has been paid.

Can i reserve items?
No, sorry. I do very small runs as an artist, and i’d like as many people as possible to have their desires fulfilled. On occasion, i can do something similar, but it will never be a copy. If you wish to reserve something because of finances, please see the above as well.

Care of Naturally Dyed Fabrics and Threads:

Transit may result in some fabrics becoming wrinkled. A light pressing on the cotton setting, USING A PRESS CLOTH, should tame the wrinkles. All fabrics and threads: if washing is needed, PLEASE use a Ph neutral soap and wash by hand, as PH can affect the colours of natural dyes. If you can’t find a specific soap for this, use Dawn (Original) dish soap, in tiny amounts. Rinse well, and again use a press cloth for ironing.

It is recommended also that naturally dyed items be kept out of strong sun for long periods of time, especially in your summer season, whatever part of the globe you are in, when the sun is more intense. Store, or display items made with these products, in indirect light, or drawer, depending on the item use.

Fabrics have been washed, but due to the nature of natural dyes, colours in real life may be different than on monitor. Most of my fabrics are for "art" purposes, so please don't hang your art made with these in sunny spots! If i have a fabric that is for daily use, it will be specified, and care instructions sent with purchase. Some fabrics may have small flaws also, as they are re-purposed.

All printed fabrics, or Procion dyed fabrics, are "tougher" and will generally be fine for "daily" wear.